Artifact Cards are unique and powerful effects players can use at will. Each player will pick 3 Artifacts before a game begins. Each artifact has a Tier determining its power. Players will need to spend equal Aether as the Tier to unlock and recharge the Artifact, so the higher the Tier the more expensive an Artifact is. Players may only have 1 Artifact of each Tier level.

  • Tier Level: What tier the Artifact is and how much Aether is required to recharge the card after use.
  • Artifact Name: This is the name of the artifact card.
  • Artifact Effect: This will tell you what the card does.
  • Aspect: Artifacts can fall under one of 5 specific Aspects, which act as a personality for each card; Brawn, Scholar, Malice, Virtue, and Sly.
  • Aspect Color: Aspect Color is the highlighted border color of the card and this matches what the Aspect is for easier identification.
  • Aspect Bonus: If your General is the same Aspect as the Artifact, you will have an enhanced effect.
  • Aether Boxes: These are the boxes in which you place your Aether when recharging an Artifact.
  • Ather Icon: These tell you which boxes will hold an Aether and how many Aether in total you need to recharge a Artifact.
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