Card Breakdown

An Empyrean card has most of the following components.

  • Cost: How much Aether is required to play the card.
  • Card Name: This is the name of the card.
  • Card Rank: The amount of stars will tell you what the Rank of the card is. A troop of 2-Stars or higher requires equal amount of active stars on the field before it can be deployed. Rank also determines how many tiles a troop can move.
  • Combat Range: This tells you the way a troop can attack. Melee can attack enemies within a 1-Tile radius. Ranged can attack foes within a 2-Tile Line.
  • Culture: Cards either fall under one of 3 Cultures; Tech, Magic, or Amalgam. You can mix and match any cards in your deck; Cultures can play a big role in synergy.
  • Aspect: Cards can fall under one of 5 specific Aspects, which act as a personality for each card; Brawn, Scholar, Malice, Virtue, and Guile. These also play a role in synergy.
  • Card Color: Card Color is the background color of the card and this determines what the Main Type of the card is; Troop, Called Troop, Construct, Action, and Hidden.
  • Trait: Traits are passive effects that can affect mobility, utility, and combat.
  • Passive Effects: Some cards have passive abilities or effects.
  • Active Abilities: Every card has an ability or effect.
  • Effect Speed: There are 3 levels of effect speed that determine how fast effects happen.
  • Lore: Every card is apart of the world of Ra'fien. The lore gives you a small glimpse of that story.
  • Power: This is your offense and defense capabilities and there are 3-Tiers based on position. When a performs an action, playing a card or attacking, you rotate that troop clockwise °90. If you are attacked you compare the Power of both units and the loser rotates as many times as it takes damage. If your troop rotates beyond it Red Power or Vulnerable position, it is destroyed. 
  • Card Art: This is the artwork of the card.

The Card Types

Unit Cards

Normal Troops:

Normal Troop Cards are what form your army before the game starts.

Advanced Troops:

Advanced Troop Cards are troops you can summon to the field by various effects. These Cards do not go into your primary deck, but instead go into your Advanced Deck.


Construct Cards are Units you can build on the field by various effects. These Cards do not go into your primary deck, but instead go into your Advanced Deck.

Action Cards

Quick Actions:

Quick Action Cards are card effects that happen immediately after playing the card.

Process Actions:

Process Action Cards are card effects that must be channeled through a troop for a cost and set duration.

Alteration Actions:

Alteration Action Cards are card effects that directly affect a Unit. They can modify Attributes & Traits, grant special abilities, and various other effects.

Hidden Cards


Trap Hidden Cards are effects that you lay out for your enemies.


Stratagem Hidden Cards are effects that you plan ahead of time to outwit your foe.

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