Gru'bosh Empire

  The Gru'bosh Empire is a nation of science, technology, and engineering. It was founded 400 Years ago when the goblin tribes of the Arids formed an alliance with each other and the orcs to fight as one war band. Together they drove the invading Ogres from their lands. The leader of the alliance was Grubok, an intelligent Goblin of an unusually large size. He designed the first goblin turrets, a weapon critical in driving back the Ogre forces and defending their own strongholds.

The Goblins stayed united with the Orcs and under Grubok's leadership and a new faction was born, the Gru'bosh Empire. Whatever stray orcs, ogres, and trolls they happened upon who wouldn't submit became their slaves. With their flourishing ingenuity they soon started to expand.


300 years of growth went by and they had the strongest army in the Arids. The new Emperor Eerik took his place on the throne and led his people to greater glory. They warred against the invading Dwarfs and the last ogre bands of the land. For the first time ever the Arids were completely under one faction's banner.

Eerik had two sons, his eldest Fuumal and his youngest Uruk. After the Troll rebellion and the raiding of the ancient dwarven stronghold, Muunik, Uruk has become the Emperor. He has led his people's expansion and technology to unfathomed heights by implementing a uniform A.I. system to connect all of his mighty empire. He is ruthless and is constantly seeking more power.




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