Il'dur'ae Kingdom

The Il'dur'rae Kingdom is an ancient and powerful nation. It was founded several millennia ago when the different orders of magic united with the 5 kingdoms to form one unified nation. After the Nor'un invasions in the 3rd era, the united kingdom fell and law vanished.


For centuries the land warred with itself. During the years of shadow, the last remaining heir of the 5 kingdoms, the princess Deir'driel, rose to power, leading a revolution. She studied all schools of magic and the varying philosophies they taught. She forged the Il'dur'rae, a beautiful glaive of immense power, with this weapon she unified the land once again, recruiting the political leaders and the different magic orders' masters along the way. 


Together they formed the Il'dur'rae Kingdom, based on the principles of the ancient united kingdom. The nation rose to power by keeping the magic orders and the state as equals in power. Realizing that for the nation to survive it required two leaders, one to serve the interests of the crown and one to serves the religions of magic. She separated the mighty Il'dur'ae glaive into two weapons, the Sword of the King and the Staff of the Epis'kuura. The King would rule the state and the Epis'kuura would lead the orders of magic. The Princess stepped down to become the first Arch'veritas, the 2nd in command and advisor to both leaders. Together they became known as the 3. The spirits of each moved on after death to find the next chosen 3. This tradition has continued for over 3000 years.


During the war of fire, the Il'dur'rae Kingdom was crucial in uniting the other nations and winning the war. It was the new chosen 3 who would save the world from the demon lords of the Abyss. Tha'na'driel Sunmoon delivered the final blow to the last demon lord. Now he rules the Kingdom.

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