Game Overview

 Empyrean: Battles of Ra'fien is a strategic combative tabletop game. It combines the deep deck-building elements of a card game and the the tactical mechanics of a territorial conquest board game, along with some other unique qualities and innovations. In our game players will master and combine multiple skill-sets into their strategies. By allowing players to control more than just one aspect of the game, each battle is truly skill based. If you lose or win a game you won't feel like it was cheapened by luck. 


Empyrean is an Expandable Card Game (ECG). This means when you buy the box you will receive every card in the first set, as well as a board and game pieces. When expansion sets come out, you will buy the expansion and get all of the new cards and pieces as well. No more buying booster packs and hoping to get the cards you need. No more overpaying independent vendors for a specific card just to be competitive. We give you everything in the box and then it's up to you to build your strategy.


Empyrean does  a few things different from other games. For starters we have implemented a full strategic board (with it's own mechanics) as the playing field in addition to the card mat. So you play a troop card from your hand on the card mat, it then becomes a game piece on the board. Each Troop has it's own rank, abilities, and traits which determine how it moves and interact with the different tile types, elevation levels, obstacles, or if it can claim resource nodes and strategic positions. 


Unlike most card games, there are a choices players make towards their strategy that do NOT go into the deck. Just like building deck synergy, you will choose cards for your advanced deck, artifact cards which unlock during a match, and a General (who sits outside of the deck) to lead your strategy!


We wanted a rich and deep combo system, but we didn't want to do it exactly same as its already been done.  We decided that in order to truly add some surprise moves in a match and allow ingenious strategies to be developed, there should be more you can do with the cards in your deck. Thus our Advanced Card system was born. These allow us to give you more customization and control within your Deck without needing to increase the card limit of a deck. These will allow players to be able to replace, extend, or morph card effects mid-game. It has led to a really fast paced and fun combo mechanic. Also combos do not just exist by stringing a few cards from your hand together, you can also implement Troop abilities and traits into a combo as well as artifact cards, in fact it is encouraged! A well played combo will involve many troops and effects to pull off a power play.

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