Progress Update

We have refined the way our construction mechanics work, as well as added more combat depth and better utilization of card positions. Some more card art is being developed as well. On top of that the introductory video for Empyrean is well underway, we are working hard to get a video uploaded to the site within the month.

A lot of this time since BFIG has been spent working on our Kickstarter campaign, both from creating graphics for the page as well as researching all the ins and outs of Kickstarter. Another step we needed to do was to start making some manufacturing decisions as well as distribution. There is so much to learn from shipping costs, both domestic and worldwide to distribution for ourselves and local stores. For one thing we needed to buy a bar code if we wanted to use Amazon's fulfillment center and we needed our own SMC for the bar code or else a lot of hobby stores wouldn't accept our game.

For anyone considering on doing a tabletop game, start this research process sooner rather than later. I'm glad I am figuring this out now. Once you have a somewhat refined and working version of your game, start researching this stuff.

For me Jamie's blog has been essential in learning not only Kickstarter, but all the little things involved in making a tabletop game. I can't recommend it enough.

Once we have a better handle on all of this and make these decisions, we can start moving things along at our normal pace. We will be trying to be more active on social media as well as updating this blog more often. Being indie we have to personally manage all of our social media accounts, while also creating the game, so there's a learning curve to balance the two properly, but we are starting to figure it out, hang in there with us, we hear you.

Thanks for all of your support! We appreciate it so much.

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