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The struggles of setting up a company are real. There is just tons of legal concerns and who knew wording on a contract had to be so specific. After weeks of going back and forth with a lawyer and the team we were able to figure something out that worked for everyone. I am happy and relieved to say that is all behind us now.

This means we can kick into full gear again and this month we are doing just that. Kickstarter is our major focus right now because without funding this game is just a dream.

That means we are in the process if creating all the graphics and artwork for the Kickstarter campaign including the video. In my day job I have worked on a few Kickstarter campaigns and it is alot of work to create all the assets for each section.

I expect us to finish with the campaign by end of January and hopefully we will launch in February. At the same time some team members are working on getting the new cards done for our latest version to playtest. We'll keep everyone posted!

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